Level 1 Klafsun 3200

 The Level 1 uses low pressure tanning power and will also help you build your base tan.


Level 2 Ambition 250

The Level 2 utilizes the Ambition 250 and uses low pressure tanning along with high pressure facial tanners which prepares your skin for natural sun exposure.

Level 3 Radius 200

The Level 3 is a stand up booth and has a combination of UV rays and medium pressure tanning power, which prepares your skin for bronzing in our higher level beds

Level 4 Affinity 800 & Open Sun 550

The Level 4 offers two options with the Affinity 800 and Open Sun 550 that utilizes medium and high pressure tanning power. The neck and shoulder tanners result in the perfect all-over tan.

Level 5 Open Sun 1050

The Level 5 is the most powerful tanning bed using high pressure technology to give you the darkest and longest lasting color.

Level 6 Magic Tan Spray Booth

The Level 6 is the ultimate Spray Tan solution that delivers a Gold Brown Tan in less than 60 Seconds.